System Diagnostics Package

The system diagnostics service carries out a complete software and hardware health check of your machine. Providing the Smart Tech team with a clear method and solution to solve any issues your computer may have.

This package will check the health of your computer components, such as;

  • Hard disk drives,
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU, graphics card)
  • Central processing unit, (CPU, processor)
  • Optical disc drive
  • Power supply unit

Alongside hardware, we will perform analysis on software, to uncover any potential issues that may be hiding from you, such as;

  • Operating system errors
  • Operating system updates
  • Out of date software
  • Registry errors

Once your Smart Tech advisor has assigned a method to fix any issues found on your machine, he will call you explaining the issues and providing a structured price to complete the work.

No work will be carried out on your machine until we have full agreement from the client to do so.

Diagnostic charge – £35.00