System Diagnostics Package

This is a free service where our technician will diagnose your machines problem(s) clearly stating the process to solve any issues.


Standard Software Clean

If you find your computer is running slowly, getting popups, system crashes, or any other software related issues, then our standard software clean will solve the majority of issues.



Deluxe Software/Hardware Valet

This package offers a complete system installation with online security targeted to meet your needs, while removing all system errors, with a complete software clean and hardware valet of the entire machine (keyboard included).

The Complete Software/Hardware Package

If you are looking to purchase a new machine, or would like to fully update an existing machine, this package covers every aspect of computer maintenance. Installing the latest software package, security through McAfee, and complete home office solutions through Microsoft Office 365.



Custom Built Computers

Standard computer systems from local chain retailers often are not fully equipped to meet end user needs. Highly cost effective to utilise Smart Technology custom built machine service. Building the machine you want, for the purpose you need, at a price you can afford.


Setup of Home Networks

Changing your internet provider and don’t want to pay a heightened fee? Setting up a home/media server and are unsure how to best utilise your equipment? Smart Technology will install your home networks and integrate all home devices for use with the server. Including, printers, tablets, computers etc…




Data Protection/Recovery

No one wants to lose data, whether its key business data or images of a first birthday party. Our technician can protect your data from being lost in the first place or we may be able to recover lost data from your hard drive. To view the full package details and prices click here.



Stream TV Shows and Movies

Utilising legal software, our technician will supply you with a tablet and a television casting solution so that you can watch the latest cinema releases and TV show boxsets all from the comfort of your home. You will be provided with a full instruction manual.